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Who we are and what we are offering

The Spalluto family is an Apulian family from Martina Franca made up of five people: the parents Pietro and Beatrice and their three sons; Giorgio, Vincenzo and Alessandro. Each one of us, according to our aptitude, is responsible for a different aspect of the business.
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Until the 1970s the trulli were the home of my mother Beatrice’s maternal grandparents.It was the base of a modest farm on the harsh land where they principally cultivated grapes for winemaking, but also raised some farm animals. Also the house was the centre of a small contrada, or neighbourhood, thanks to the large aia where they worked the grain and legumes of all of the neighbours; followed by lots of dancing and parties.

Today this little corner of Puglia, which was constructed at the beginning of the 1800s, is a place where our guests can find true peace and tranquillity.The trulli were reconstructed mainly thanks to the work and the experience of some master trulli builders and the dedication of my family, in particular my father Pietro. We opened our business at Christmas 2007 which is managed, once again, by all of the family.


Our commitment is not only to offer the beauty of these antique houses but also to welcome you with genuine hospitality and our farm products. Landscapes, relaxation, flavours and culture will guide you through your holiday at Trulli il Castagno.

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Where we are and

how to get here

Our facility is situated on a hill dominating the Itria Valley amongst nature and absolute tranquillity. Here you will find some information and useful links on the most beautiful places to visit and all of the suggestions on how to get here.

The Itria Valley, unknown to most, is comprised of the inland territory of the provinces of Bari, Brindisi and Taranto,at the centre of Puglia. It is among the most evocative landscapes in the whole region and is very rich in fauna and flora. The history of this land is ancient and you will find many testimonies to this in every corner: archaeological sites, trulli (the typical conical roofed homes whitewashed in lime)the masserias (old country manor houses) and the dry stone walls. The green of the olive groves, of the vineyards and of the cultivated fields make the Itria Valley a unique and magical place. The wine and food is the best that this land can offer with many dishes of traditional farmers, the great wines from indigenous grapes (Verdeca, Minutolo, Bianco d’Alessano, to mention only a few) and the intense and perfumed flavour of the extra virgin olive oil. These places are also synonymous with culture, art and tradition. Here are some examples: history - Martina Franca with the magnificent Ducal Palace, Egnazia the ancient Roman city today an archaeological attraction; the Jazz music (Locus Festival at Locorotondo), opera (Festival della Valle d'Itria at Martina Franca), the places of cults and popular traditions (lthe basilicas of Martina Franca and Alberobello, living scene of Passion Christ, the patron saint festivals of San Rocco and San Martino, the living nativity scenes amoung the trulli and masserias, at Alberobello); the carnival (Carnevale di Putignano is among the oldest in Europe); ceramics (the master artisans of Grottaglie).

The Itria Valley has many excursions and natural areas such as the caves of Grotte di Castellana, the park of Dune Costiere the protected marine reserve of Torre Guaceto, the woods of Bosco delle Pianelle, the cycle routes of the Itria Valley and many more. Let us not forget the sea with the magnificent beaches of Monopoli, Fasano and Ostuni. The splendid Zoo Safari and Acquatic Park at Fasano and the Adventure Park at Castellana Grotte.

Alberobello - UNESCO World Heritage site and capital of the trulli (8km)

Martina Franca - baroque city of the Itria Valley (9km)

Locorotondo and Cisternino - enchanting towns amoung the most beautiful in Italy (12km and 19 km)

Noci - city of wine and food (15km)

Fasano - seaside city, history and entertainment (22km)

Castellana Grotte - world famous caves

Monopoli - seaside city of traditions (32km)

Ostuni - the white city (33km)

Grottaglie - the ceramic town (35km)

Polignano a Mare - ‘balcony’ overlooking the Adriatic Sea (42km)

Taranto - capital of Greater Greece (42km)

Matera - capital of the ‘Sassi’ (city of ancient cave houses), European city of Culture 2019 (70km)

Bari - principle city of Apulia (70km)

Trani and Castel del Monte - castles of Frederick 2 of Swabia (120km)

Lecce and Otranto - main centres of Salento (130km)

For further information on our region:

All of the events in Apulia are at: and

You will see all of our signs to help you arrive here

With your navigational aid:

  • following the GPS coordinates is a lot more precise than our address:

             latitude 40,720407 or 40° 43 14.75 N;                         longitude 17,242527 or 17° 14 33.28 E;

  • using Google Maps search “trulli il Castagno” and follow the directions to the destination.

By plane:

the airports of both Bari and Brindisi are equidistant of about 80km from Trulli il Castagno (view map).

By train and bus:

from the central station in either Bari or Taranto the train to Martina Franca with the Ferrovie del Sud Est company runs from Monday to Saturday. By foot go to piazza Francesco Crispi and take the urban bus on the line “Bradamonte-Piscinella-Carpini” and get off the bus at Trulli il Castagno, at the stop for Strada Ricchiona. The driver will always be helpful. The service is with the Miccolis spa company and leaves Monday to Saturday from about 6.30 to 14.00: time table.

By car: 

  • from Foggia and Naples, from the A14 (E843) exit at Gioia del Colle and follow the signs for Noci. From there follow the signs for Martina Franca and, once on the SP34/SP56, continue for about 15km (view map).

  • from Bari or Brindisi, from the SS16/SS379 exit in the direction of Taranto-Valle d’Itria on the SS172 and continue to Locorotondo and then towards Martina Franca. Just after the ‘Cantina di Marco’, on the right before arriving at Martina Franca, turn right in the direction of Alberobello-Noci on the SP58/SP56 and follow for about 9km (always following the signs to Noci) (view map).

  • from Reggio Calabria and Taranto, from SS106, before entering Taranto, exit in the direction Grottaglie-Brindisi. After about 3 km exit in the direction of Martina Franca and from here follow the signs for Alberobello. Take the SP58/SP56 in the direction Alberobello-Noci and follow for about 8km (view map).

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