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The external space: a lot of care and attention has been taken for your holiday

During your holiday you can admire the thousands of colours and many facets of the different seasons, Relaxing comfortably outside your trullo, in the private shaded area.

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La vista della proprietà a trulli dall'alto con le aree condivise e la piscina

Available in the communal areas are:

  1. The swimming pool is in ground and is surrounded by cherry and olive trees. The corner of the pool with a rock garden is planted with flowers and a large palm. In the summer evenings you can relax around the swimming pool, enjoying an enchanting sunset, listening to the wind rustling the surrounding cherry trees under the moonlight. The pool also has wide comfortable steps for easy access and for sitting and an external shower carved out of rock. The dimensions of the pool are about 13 x 7 metres with a depth from 0.9 to 2.3 metres, excluding the steps.

  2. The flower garden and vegetable garden of the trullo represent and evoke the traditions and culture of Puglia. Rich in flowers, plants and shrubs amoung the olive, cherry, pear and prickly pear trees. The vegetable garden produces delicious seasonal, regional produce. You can go there and pick up all our vegetable and fruit directlly from the plants.

  3. The antique  stone aia is a characteristic element of the trulli area and of the old masserie. Here, during the day under the scorching sun, they used to separate the grain from the ears of wheat and in the evenings the neighbours would come for parties and to dance. Today the ‘chianche’ of the aia, greyed with time, are symbols of and testaments to the hard work and joy of life of this corner of Puglia.

  4. The comunal shaded zones: the aia gazebo has an impressive dry-stone wall with a stone column and two antique animal troughs; the panoramic gazebo, near the pool and the tavern, enjoys an enchanting view of the Itria Valley.

  5. The barbecue is supplied with wood and everything else necessary to discover the pleasure of cooking over wood embers.

  6. The carpark is inside the property so that the cars are secure and in the shade of our olive trees.

  7. The laundry is available to our guests; your clothes will be scented with Puglia!

  8. The playground for large and small children has a ping-pong table, a slide, a children’s climbing frame and a seesaw.

  9. The refuse area with various recycling bins.


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