Our family farm

Trulli il Castagno is a family-run agritourism company. For generations the Spalluto family cultivates the vine with passion and dedication, passing on traditions and typical uses of the farmers of Valle d'Itria, the valley of the trulli. The poor wines produced in the past, by the expert hands of the peasants, have now become precious wines, concentrates of history and tradition. Our company is composed of a few hectares of vineyards taken care of by the hands of our father Pietro, he knows every single vin and he succeeds in ensuring everyone the attention it deserves.

Our wines

Our Sealing-Wax collection

The bottles that we offer are all packaged by hand with the best of our wines.

Each bottle is unique, as is the fruit of our passion and our vineyards.

The pendants will tell you the essence of wine between poetry and tradition:

         "I was thirsty, I knocked on the trullo

         an angel appeared with a chalice of Verdeca"


Sen. Giuseppe Giacovazzo

Tecnical sheets

Our Label collection

The bottles that we offer with this collection keep the quality of our wines intact with an eye to simplicity.

A simple bottle to give maximum emphasis to its precious content.

Visit us and participate in our experience of:
... tradition, history, wine and food tasting




Strada Noci Zona D 315 bis, 74015 Martina Franca (Ta) Italy

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